Ophthalmic Refractometer Market | Top Key Players Analysis Report

Diabetes can cause various visual impairments in patients such as glaucoma, double vision, cataract, retinopathy, and diabetic macular edema. Increasing number of diabetic patients with potential visual impairments has spurred the growth of the global ophthalmic refractometer market. Ophthalmic refractometer is a device used for measuring the strength and power of the lenses to provide vision disorder patients with suitable eyeglasses.

The number of visual problems arising from lifestyle conditions such as stress, improper nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, underlying diseases is high. According to WHO, 1 billion people over the globe have visual impairment problems that could have been prevented or have yet to be addressed. The growing number of population with diabetes and comorbid visual impairments is one of the key drivers for growth in the market.

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On the other hand, high cost of equipment, i.e. ophthalmic refractometer, can prove to be a barrier for aspiring players from entering the global market. The cost of a single ophthalmic refractometer is high. Therefore, it cannot be easily acquired by small and medium scale hospitals. The high initial funding and the technological skillset required for the operation might be a hindrance for the growth of ophthalmic refractometer market.

North America dominates the ophthalmic refractometer market

Regionally, North America is the region that dominates the global ophthalmic refractometer market. It is expected that the opportunities in the region will continue to grow steadily in the market during the forecast period, owing to the increasing prevalence of age-related macular degeneration among the resident population. Asia Pacific region is expected to witness substantial growth in the ophthalmic refractometer market. One of the major factors driving this growth is increased expenditure on the healthcare infrastructure by the emerging countries in the region.

Global ophthalmic refractometer market witnesses high competition among players. Players in the market are engaging in constant research and development to stay ahead of their competitors. Some of the key players in the global ophthalmic refractometer market are NIDEK Co. Ltd., Eye Care Leader LLC, Canon Inc., Carl Zeiss AG, and Birmingham Optical Group Ltd. 

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