Nut Products Market to Thrive on Growing Importance of Preventive Healthcare

In recent years, the global food business has experienced strong growth trends. Many significant companies in the nut ingredients industry have made various breakthroughs and improvements in the forms as well as finished products. The global nut products market has been pushed by an increasing focus on preventative health care and the introduction of healthier products. Cold chain logistics along with technological breakthroughs have also made it easier to trade in nut ingredients globally. Various associations and organizations also support market growth through consumer awareness efforts, research and development activities, export, and education.

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Product Innovations in Nut Items to Accentuate Demand in the Market

Nuts components are extremely versatile in product composition, making them a popular choice amongst food customers and manufacturers alike, as they give both flavor and nutritional benefits.  Year after year, almonds outnumber all other nuts, including walnuts and cashews, in terms of new product debuts. Dairy products, desserts, cereals, drinks, confectioneries, bakery items, and snacks and bars are some of the food categories that contain nut components. Such extensive use of nuts is likely to augur well for the global nut products market in the years to come.

Nut consumption is linked to a lower incidence of chronic disease, and its components, such as coconut shells, peanut hulls, and cashewnuts have anti-bacterial and food preservation properties. In addition to that, the inclusion of phenolic, fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, and vegetable protein in nut products is related to the favorable benefits derived from regular consumption of nut product. Due to the cholesterol-lowering impact of nuts and their products, as well as the existence of a small ratio of saturated fats in nut product lines, nut consumption results in a lower creation of atherogenic LDL sub-fraction, leading in a lower occurrence of heart attack in people. Such benefits are expected to pave way for rapid expansion of the global nut products market in the near future. 

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