Numerous Use of Egg Powder in Food and Beverage Industry Bolstering Prospects

Egg powder has gathered popularity on the back of growing consumption of egg protein. Eggs are considered as one of the most popular poultry products worldwide. Rise in popularity of eggs-based protein among food and beverage manufacturers and producers in the developing and developed world is boosting the egg powder market. In wide range of food and beverages agents, egg powder is used in the foaming, gelling, thickening, and emulsification processes.  

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The demand for the dehydrated and fresh eggs has bolstered the popularity of egg powder products. Manufacturers are increasingly keen on improving the shelf-life of such products to augment the revenue potential. A few players are opting for intense marketing and promotional strategies to attract consumers who need eggs for meeting their dietary requirements. Growing use of egg powder among athletes has also boosted the expansion of the egg powder market.

Strides being made in dietary supplements industry boosting avenues

Strides being made in dietary supplements industry have been expensing the revenue scope of the egg powder market in Asia Pacific. Several economies have seen population accepting egg powder as a major source of egg-based protein. Advances in the packaging of egg powder have boosted the prospects in the market. In recent years, new packaging types that can keep egg powder fit for use for more than two years has hit the market. Increased consumption of egg protein in people with certain health goals among urban population is boosting the market.

Manufacturers are striving to increase the bioavailability of egg powders in wide range of recipes. The growing use of egg powders in nutritious food preparations has been propelling notable strides in the egg powder market. A growing number of players are harping on the health benefits of egg protein for cellular processes to pitch their products in the egg powder market.

Some of the prominent players in the egg powder market are Rose Acre Farms, Rembrandt Enterprises, Sanovo Technology Group, and Sharrets Nutritions LLP.

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