Nuclear-waste Powered Diamond Batteries could work thousands of years, says energy firm

A California-based battery company claims recently completed tests on a nano-diamond battery now close to reality of surreal claims. The claims of a cellphone energy source to last nine years, a pacemaker powered to last 28,000 years, and auto-battery pack to last nearly a century.

It is radioactive nuclear waste that is key to these revolutionary batteries. Nuclear plant facilities release massive quantities of nuclear waste, which is toxic and lasts thousands of years. The nuclear waste poses immense challenging pertaining to its safe disposal.

For such challenges, the energy company claims to safely use nuclear waste to generate power for its nano diamond batteries. The company says it can process graphite nuclear waste into a pure form and then convert it into diamonds. And, as the waste surrounded by diamond decays, it interacts with carbon to produce small electric current.

Nuclear-fueled Diamond Batteries to Power host of Products

As a result, the battery that does not require recharging would work for the life time of user, depending on the power drain. The battery could find use for medical products, common mobile devices, satellites and for power in remote areas with difficulties in routine maintenance.

The company has a proof of concept, though prototype not yet produced. Nonetheless, the company sees unlimited applications of nuclear-waste fueled diamond batteries.

The company cites example of nuclear-waste fueled diamond batteries for an iPhone. In the normal course, a battery charges from zero to full at five times an hour. On the other hand, if the battery wouldn’t require to charge at all for an entire day. And for a week, and for a month. And for decades. This is what the technology is able to do.

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