Now Medicines a Happy Time with Cannabis Cultivation

According to The National Herald, Greece has approved 26 licenses to grow marijuana for medical purposes. This is a big step by the country that shall positively impact the global cannabis cultivation market. According to Herald the newly elected government in Greece anticipates that cannabis cultivation market shall boost country’s economy which is currently facing a downward curve due to inflation. Moreover, the cannabis cultivation market shall also help the economy to get over huge debt crisis pertaining from almost a decade. This decision by Greece government is expected to lead to bailouts of approximately US$ 364.22 billion in coming years.

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Greece has not been the only country to legalize cannabis cultivation market and allow to commercially sell marijuana. In fact, the foundation for legal cannabis cultivation market was led by Uruguay in 2013. The suit was followed by various developed nations such as Canada and some parts of the U.S. However, the market of cannabis cultivation is not completely accepted by the world nor it has complete approval from FDA, however, medical benefits of the plants have established its worth and propelled the growth of global cannabis cultivation market.

What Advantages are Propelling the Growth of global Cannabis Cultivation Market?

According to a Greece government spokesperson the government is excited about the possibilities and opportunities cannabis cultivation market can bring in the country. The medical sector shall develop exponentially and will also strengthen the falling economy of the country. The market is expected to bring substantial investments that can further rise the economic condition of the country.

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And, not to forget, Greece is one of the most travelled tourist spot and availability of some stuff to smoke (marijuana/cannabis) can also help the industry to grow further. Hence legalizing cannabis cultivation market is expected to be a good decision for the government, players, and people. In other words, it’s a win-win situation for all of them.

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