Novel Technologies and Soaring Patient Numbers to Propel Growth of Hospital Administration Software Market

Technology has made inroads in the healthcare industry. Eventually, it has resulted in the development of hospital administration software for managing the hospital with ease. The hospital administration software market is stated to observe positive growth during the forecast period of 2017-2025.

Poor hospital management leads to suffering of admitted patients. Hence, numerous clinics and hospitals are relying on hospital administration software for proper management and increased treatment efficiency. Such software also enables the hospital to carve out comprehensive policies. The hospital administration software also assists in inventory management such as medical equipment, stock, etc.

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Rise in COVID-19 patients and reduced work complexity brings hospital administration software in the limelight

Hospital administration software enables end-users to complete all the work in less time and also removes the complexity of the work structure. Hospital administration software also helps in cost-cutting. These benefits may also prove to be growth boosters for the hospital administration software market.

The COVID-19 pandemic will prove to be a prime growth accelerator for the hospital administration software market. COVID-19 cases are seeing a surge in the number every day. Large scale infected patients’ admission is putting pressure on the hospital administration in terms of management and treatment. Hence, hospital administration software will prove to be a boon in these difficult times. Therefore, COVID-19 pandemic may accelerate the growth rate of the hospital administration software market.

Increasing investments and technological innovations are also driving the hospital administration software market’s growth. For instance, Olive, an Ohio-based startup recently raised $51 mn in funding by General Catalyst. Olive’s software toolkit helps in automation of administrative tasks such as supply chain management, revenue cycle, human resources, and clinical administration. In addition, this software does not just automate the process but identifies problems that may lead to revenue loss for hospitals.

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