Novel Proteins Market Growth Fuel by the Rapidly Increasing Pet Population

Globally the preference for pets has increased at an incredible rate, which has boosted the demand for novel proteins. Novel proteins are one of the crucial ingredients in pet food. It is derived from different sources, such as duck, ostrich, rabbit, elk, bison, kangaroo, or venison that are usually not fed to pets. It is made of exotic sources, which differs from stable pet food ingredients such as poultry, pork, tuna, and beef. Earlier novel proteins were not given to pets previously and are now being added in their diet. However, it is an uncommon ingredient added in their food. The key idea behind the use of these proteins is to find out pet allegories and sensitivities.

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The key manufacturers working in the novel proteins market use different sources to produce high quality of novel protein. They are also focusing on different marketing techniques to draw attention from larger section of people and provide awareness about the product and its benefits.

Pet Parenting Playing a Crucial Role in Expanding Global Novel Proteins Market

People nowadays are preferring pets more aggressively as compared to previous years. Younger generation and millennials are the key contributors who have increased the group of pet owners across the globe. Rather than having children, people prefer to have pets commonly known as pet parenting, which has provided a significant boost to the market. Health of their pets is the most important concerns of pet parents thus, fueling the demand in this market. Pet parents are even ready to spend hundreds of dollars every year in maintain their pets health, keeping with medical expenses, and grooming. To maintain pet’s health is the primary objective which gives this market immense scope of growth in the coming years.

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