Novel Food Preservation Technologies bolsters Demand for IQF Vegetables

Changing lifestyle and rising demand for easy-to-cook food ingredients is spurring the IQF vegetable market. Customer trust in the way IQF vegetables are packaged and transported with minimal risk of spoilage provides boost to the IQF vegetables market.

Worldwide, rising awareness for health benefits of fresh vegetables is resulting in ever-increasing demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. Consumers of all economic classes are now spending on fresh fruits and vegetables to obtain minerals and vitamins in natural form. However, unavailability of fresh vegetables all through the year, because of excessive demand and logistics problems has led to commercial freezing of vegetables.

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Farmers grow vegetables in other parts of the year to be individually quick freezed and packaged. Peas, carrot, beans, cauliflower, are broccoli are some vegetables that are grown to be individually quick freezed and packaged. Individually quick freezing of vegetables involves a technology known as individually quick-frozen (IQF). The method prevents large ice crystals to form in vegetables cells. And, the method involves individual freezing of each piece, because of which the vegetables do not cohere and the final product is not frozen into a solid block.

Replete with Nutrients, IQF Vegetables supersede demand for Fresh Vegetables

The high nutritional value of IQF vegetables is another key factor behind growth of IQF vegetable market. IQF freezing involves snap freezing of vegetables very soon after they are picked. This results in freezing of nutrients during the process, which means frozen vegetables have more vitamins than its fresh counterpart.

The IQF vegetable market is fragmented with the presence of a large number of large and small-size companies. Expansion of distribution channels and technological innovations is the focus of large players in the IQF vegetable market. On the other hand, small players offer competitive prices, to eat in shares of large players in the IQF vegetable market. Some prominent players in the IQF vegetable market to name are Greenyard NV, J.R. Simplot Co., Kerry Group plc., and SunOpta Inc.

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