North America to Remain At Forefront Due To High Engine Rentals

San Francisco, California, January 23, 2018: A recent report by TMR Research titled “Small Gas Engines Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” covers a comprehensive analysis of this market from a global perspective.

Small gas engines are significantly used as individual and independent sources of power that can power a plethora of generators, concrete mixers, lawnmovers, amongst many other devices. As these engines are characterized by a relatively small displacement of fuel, they are highly adaptable to be used in small scooters, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), go-karting machines, and in several other machines. With respect to the conventional large automobile engines, the output capacity of small gas engines is substantially less, which makes them useful as power sources even in small handheld instruments such as string hammers and chainsaws.

As seen from a wide variety of scenarios where these engines can be used, the market for small engines has shown an excellent growth all around the world. This growth is expected to continue without much dampening even in the future, mainly due to the rising demand for power equipment used in the outdoor environment. Such a demand is mostly being pushed as a result of increasing construction activities for both commercial and residential purposes. Outdoor power equipment is rented out by various dealers on a substantial basis, thus receiving high demand from household owners as well as contractor agencies. As landscaping services grow in frequency, this situation has increased the renting and buying of small gas engines, thus causing a positive effect on the market growth.

A major restraint for the global small gas engines market involves the premium price rates set on the devices by the manufactures. Another important obstacle to the market growth deals with the availability of low prices and low quality, non-branded engines, which may affect sales of the original brands. However, with strict government rules and regulations soon coming into effect about selling of cheap quality engines, the situation is soon expected to change.

Regarding market potential, several companies are already manufacturing small gas engines which conforms to environmental regulations, and at the same time maintaining process efficiency. For example, Aalborg Micro, which has been made by Alfa Laval, utilizes waste heat to produce thermal power ranging from 250 kW to 5000 k. In this way, the small gas engines cause minimum negative impact on the environment, thus improving the small gas engines market’s potential on a significant scale. As per Alfa Laval, the device can be set-up in indoor as well as outdoor environments, both in vertical or horizontal positions.

The worldwide small gas engines market is prophesized to experience an excellent and healthy growth in the U.S. market throughout the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. This is mainly due to the increase in rentals of the engines, based on rising demand for engine utilization as outdoor power sources. As United States is at the forefront of the North American region, according to researchers, this region is anticipated to show the leading market growth during the forecast period. Other than North America, Asia Pacific and Europe are also expected to drive the global small gas engines market, primarily because of rising demand in construction industry.

With regards to the competitive landscape, the most common strategies used by market players dealt with forming agreements and contract. These techniques amounted for at least 57.0% of developments until 2016 for the global small gas engines market. In comparison to the developments in the market, about 24.0% dealt with new product launching scenarios. Some of the key market players are: Kohler Co., Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Yamaha Motor Corp., Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and Briggs & Stratton Corporation, amongst several others.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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