North America Leads the Global Lab Automation Market | Here’s Why

Products in the global lab automation market provide various benefits to the consumers such as enhanced productivity, data quality improvement, workflow coverage enhancement, and reduction in cycle time. Players in the global lab automation market are focused on offering robotic products or lab automation protocols tailored to the unique requirements from various clinical researchers. These products in the global lab automation market experience increased demand as they can effectively manage a large number of laboratorial samples at a significant pace. Some of the key advantages of using the products in the global lab automation market include solid outcomes, savings in terms of schedules, time, cost, and space, and safer working conditions.

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Geographically, North America leads the global lab automation market. This dominant industry position can be attributed to matured and well established healthcare infrastructure in the region as well as presence of major players operating within the regional market. Furthermore, another region anticipated to witness promising growth opportunities in the global lab automation market in coming years is Asia Pacific. Factors influencing the development of the global lab automation market in Asia Pacific include rising investments aimed at the development of healthcare technologies segment in regional healthcare industry as well as increasing funding provided for the research and development activities in the region.

Qiagen entered into a joint venture with an in-vitro diagnostics company based in Japan called ‘Maccura Biotechnology Co. Ltd.’ in May of 2017. The joint venture, known as ‘MAQGEN’ aims at fast-tracking commercialization, regional adoptions, as well as the development of NGS system ‘Genereader’ for clinical markets and clinical research activities in the country of China. Furthermore, Roche launched integrated solutions suite called ‘Cobas Pro’ in every country in the world that accepts CE mark in the January of 2019. The product features reset standards for efficiency, reliability, and maintenance through enhancing patient satisfaction as well as reducing the cost of healthcare services and delivery.

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