Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Market – Know the Latest Profit Sources of the Industry

Non-invasive prenatal testing, also known as noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS), is a technique for assessing the risk of a fetus having some genetic abnormalities at birth. This test examines small sections of DNA that circulate in the blood of a pregnant woman. Unlike most DNA, found inside the nucleus of a cell, these fragments float freely and are not contained within cells, thereby being referred to as cell-free DNA (cfDNA). These small fragments, which typically contain 200 DNA building blocks or less, form when cells die and are broken down, releasing their contents, including DNA, into the bloodstream.

The diagnosis and detection of fetal genetic conditions is a specialty of the leading players in the non-invasive prenatal diagnostics market. According to business statistics, China will provide lucrative growth opportunities for the non-invasive prenatal diagnostics market. The growing maternal age is one of the primary causes of an increase in the number of children born with some chromosomal abnormalities namely Tuner’s syndrome or Down syndrome. Non-invasive prenatal diagnostics allow doctors to diagnose such conditions before they occur. As a result, it is widely used in gynaecology centers, obstetrics clinics, diagnostic centers, and hospitals. This diagnostic procedure is considered a significant step between invasive tests and screening procedures for checking any case of fetal abnormality. The rising awareness about maternal health and growing inclination towards maternal care along is projected to boost the sales projections of the non-invasive prenatal testing market in the coming years. Furthermore, innovations and discoveries in reproductive genetics will also serve as the emerging trend of the non-invasive prenatal testing market for the future.

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Major Collaborations among Companies and rising Investments in R&D will Bolster Growth

The leading players of the global non-invasive prenatal testing market are engaged in the manufacturing of new products and obtain approvals of the same. For instance, Illumina declared the expansion of theIr NIPT platform in January 2019 by launching a new solution called the VeriSeq NIPT Solution V2.  As the nature of competition for this market is highly fragmented, the intensity of rivalry among players is fierce too. Some of them are engaging in mergers and acquisition strategies and other collaborations to gain significant edge in the overall market competition. For instance, Pacific Biosciences and Illumina entered into a strategic collaboration.

Other players are focusing on strengthening their product portfolio to gain competitive edge in the market. Major developments by key non-invasive prenatal testing players are expected to fuel the growth of the global non-invasive prenatal testing market. Some of the key players of this market include Yourgene Health, Natera Inc., Laboratry Corporation of America Holdings, PerkinElmer Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Agilent Technologies Inc., BGI, Agilent Technologies Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Illumina Inc., and others. Major changes in lifestyle, irregular eating and sleeping habits, and exposure to mutagenic agents are all poised to cause sudden mutations in fetuses and expecting mothers, thereby, leading to an increase in the incidence of congenital and hereditary diseases. This factor is expected to increase the demand for non-invasive prenatal tests in the near future.

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Geographically, North America emerged as the largest revenue generator of the non-invasive prenatal testing market on account of the presence of multiple players. Besides this, Heavy investments on research and development and the increasing rate of pre-mature births will also help this region generate notable revenue in the coming years as well. Additionally, the rising awareness about non-invasive prenatal testing and the rising number of obstetric clinics in Europe will also help this region witness notable growth in the coming years.  

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