Non-GMO Food Market: Growth of Natural Food Products to Drive Demand

Non-GMO food market is expected to witness robust growth during 2018-2026. The food products are rising in demand as awareness about health risks associated with unnatural foods rises. Additionally, the awareness has resulted in significant changes in food consumption over the years. For example, major fast-food chains like Burger King have adopted trends of veganism to cater to a group of new customers. The franchise is trying out the concept of vegetarian meat which is expected to bring in new consumers and also simultaneously appeal to the taste buds of old consumers. The growth of organics, rising demand for healthy beverages, and increasing emphasis on natural products are expected to drive growth of the non-GMO market.

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Butterfly Seal a Major Promise for the Non-GMO Food Market

The non-GMO project butterfly seal has been  a major boost for the market in recent years. The project has gathered considerable support and traction for the non-GMO foods in recent times. It has also created a brand for non-GMO foods with uniting consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. The rising demand for these food products and growing attraction to consumers is also expected to be a major boon for the non-GMO food market in the near future.

New Retailers Continue to Board the Non-GMO Ship

Mi Rancho, a major developer of specialty foods announced new lines of non-GMO foods like tortillas. The processing technique for these remained simple including a hybrid corn-wheat flour. The simplicity of technique, and rising concerns regarding genetic modification associated with unnatural food products are expected to drive significant growth for the non-GMO foods in the near future.

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