Nissan’s QX80 Ready for Debut in Dubai

In spite of what your local highbrow mall parking might suggest, Dubai still is the ground zero for the full size luxury SUVs. These top class vehicles have populated the largest city in the United Arab Emirates with the omnipresence of Honda Civic and Toyota Camry in America. As a matter of fact, Bahrain, Dubai, and Lebanon, are in the top five of the global markets in terms of share by Infiti. It is thus, not so surprising that Nissan’s brand for luxury SUVs has choses Dubai Motor Show of this week to unveil its 2018 QX80.

QX80 can be seen more as a second heavy refresh rather than a complete all-new luxury model. The vehicle is expected to remain something of the left-field option in place where they prefer the Lexus LX twins and Toyota Land Cruiser, as well as some other costlier items such as Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the Land Rover Range Rover. The same scenario might probably turn out to be true in the U.S. as well, but the new updates and styling to the cabin and safety tech are expected to have a long road ahead till getting back to top again on the consideration list of the buyers.

The 2018 QX80 model rides along the same platform with the similar 12.11 inch of wheelbase of previous version, and the front rear/strut double wishbone suspension is the same as before. The model still flaunts new features such as Hydraulic Body Motion Control to lighten the roll on the corners.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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