NHS’ New Patient Care System is More ‘User Friendly’

The latest version of the NHS patient safety strategy reveals a new system for reporting care incidents. Further, the new system will enable patients, hospital staff, and families to report care incidents on their mobile phones. Care incidents refer to all measures to improve patient health and safety. The NHS patient safety strategy asserts that the system may replace “outdated” techniques for reporting incidents. So, the new system is called the Patient Safety Incident Management System (PSIMIS).

Currently, hospital staff and family members report patient safety incidents through the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS). It was developed in 2003 and receives over 2 million incidents, annually. Furthermore, NHS uses NRLS to draft its policies and guidance schemes.

Key Features of PSIMIS

PSIMIS will use data cleansing algorithms and artificial intelligence to maintain anonymity of patients. Furthermore, the system offers tremendous agility and convenience in reporting safety or care incidents.

The NHS strategy document explains various features of the system including its “single simple portal”. This feature enables users to report incidents quickly and more elaborately. Furthermore, one can easily retrieve insights from the NHS system. Also, all types of healthcare facilities can use the PSIMIS as against NRLS only used in hospitals.

Premium Benefits

One of the key tenets behind the system is to improve transparency of safety data. Moreover, the system offers greater accessibility to data through its self-service portal. The portal includes the option of searching, analysing, and downloading data. Self-learning and analysis by patients are key objectives that can be met with PSIMIS.

NHS, England has made ardent efforts to assist hospital staff in preventing safety issues. The primary goal of the NHS is to keep improving patient safety over the next ten years. The NHS patient safety strategy

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