Newly developed Gel could reduce need for Cornea Transplant

Whilst medical science is extremely advanced, there still lie so many problems. For example, damaged corneas can be replaced, but there is a huge dearth of donor human cornea. To address this, scientists at University of Sydney have decided to create a gel. This gel can fix damaged corneas without surgery.

Clinically, cornea is the exterior of the eye. It is the clear window through which we look. The organ can get damaged through injuries. This is the reason it is advisable to use safety goggles when working with tools, or participating in some sports. When the cornea gets damaged, it can cause serious damage to one’s vision and transplant might be required. However, worldwide, there is huge scarcity of available corneas. The ratio of available corneas for transplant is 1:70, and others receive treatment with superglue. Superglue is a special type of glue to keep the tissue in place. The superglue is toxic and does not serve the vision problem.

Experiments on rabbits substantiate Efficacy of Gel

For this, scientists in Australia have created LiOD Cornea. This clear gel can for some cases completely remove the need for a transplant. Experiments performed on rabbits show that LiOD Cornea is able to fix smaller injuries to the cornea. The glue is compared to a dental filling by scientists. LiOD Cornea is a liquid that treats, and works like a gel to restore the function of the tissue.

Meanwhile, earlier studies reveal the gel allows the cornea to regenerate, and it remains translucent. This is unlike the tissue glue currently used. The benefits of LiOD Cornea are more than this.

The main advantage of LiOD Cornea lies in its ability to reduce the need for transplant.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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