New transceiver for simultaneous transmission of 5G and power, say scientists

Researchers at Tokyo Tech have finally been successful to harness the potential of millimetre-wave wireless transfer of power as a solution for Internet of Things. The same group earlier created a device for simultaneous transmission of power and 5G signal.

The newly developed transceiver for 5G network signal fully receives power wirelessly and has high efficiency for converting power at large distances and angles.

Earlier, since the proposition from Nokia Tesla for wireless transfer of power, there have been multiple efforts to harness this concept for different applications. 5G networks is a new way to do this.

In fact, scale in Internet of Things network is expected to increase with online presence of 5G networks. With a very large number of devices in the network, the need for wirelessly powered devices that can work with 5G signals is imminent.

Meanwhile, the production of such devices involved the same hurdles faced by lot of devices that are powered wirelessly – short transmission distance and a fixed direction to receive power.

Following several attempts, a team of scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology have been successful and have reported the manufacture of a transmitter-receiver wirelessly powered for 5G networks that addresses both the problems.

Importantly, the newly developed wireless transmitter-receiver is a promising solution for voluminous Internet of Things, yet it has been impeded by technical problems. The transmitter-receiver developed by the team is first of its kind.

Structurally, the device has two mode: Receiving mode and transmitting mode. For the receiving mode, the device receives 5G signal and power signal of millimetre-wave. The power signal kick starts the device and provides power.

Following this, during transmission mode, the device sends a 5G signal back in the same direction from which it initially received one.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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