New System Can Optimize Power Transmission Efficiency from Offshore Farms

Energy requirements are at an all-time high and natural resources are depleting. In the recent times, the focus of the world has been on harnessing the concepts of renewable energy and offshore wind turbines promise to generate a substantial chunk of energy, provided the efficiencies of electric transmission is optimized.

A substantial part of the energy produced by offshore wind turbines is lost during its passage to the grids but this restraint is expected to overcome via a new control system that has been designed by scientists at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). The system promises to enable power transmission is a cheaper and flexible manner.

The experimental prototype contains an integrated diode rectifier station within the offshore platform and is capable of handling the link of direct current at high voltage. This innovation paves way to swiftly converting alternate current (AC) into direct current. This distributed control system synchronizes and regulates electrical frequency and voltage generated by the wind turbines at an offshore wind farm. Since no additional element is used, the cost of offshore rectifier platforms can be reduced by one-third.

Three patents have been designed by the researchers, and their validations have been achieved via simulations, proofs of concept, and small scale laboratory prototypes. Going forward, the researchers are now aspiring to develop a system that is commercially viable. They already have a distinguished clientele who mostly come from large electricity sectors, which means they also have the financial might to build the diode rectifier stations.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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