New Study shows how Hair can regenerate on Wounded Skin

Researchers at the New York University School of Medicine have examined the result of distinct signaling pathways in the damaged skin. The test was conducted on laboratory mice. The study was focused on cells known as fibroblasts that produce collagen. The structural protein present in fibroblasts is mostly responsible for maintaining the shape and strength of hair and skin.

The result of the experiment shows that by stirring crosstalk among skin cells, they have regenerated hair strands from damaged skin. The research also helps in analyzing why hair does not grow on wounded skin. It has further suggested that with the use of better drugs will help in restoring hair growth, stated the authors of the study.

Sonic Hedgehog Pathway Used By Cell to Communicate with Each Other

In the research, the researchers activated the sonic hedgehog signaling pathways that are used by cells to communicate with each other. In the early stage of human growth in the womb, pathway is highly active. During that time hair follicles are formed. However, the formation stops in wounded skin in healthy adults. Therefore, researchers stated that this is the reason why hair follicles failed to grow in skin replaced after surgery or injury.

Regenerating Hair on Damaged Skin Achievement in Medical Science

Regenerating hair on damaged skin is an unmet need in medicine, says study senior investigator and cell biologist Mayumi Ito. It was because of the disfigurement had suffered thousands of burns, trauma, and other injuries. Her major goal was to signal mature skin to return to its primary state, as it will help in growing new hair follicles. Moreover, it will not only work on injured skin but also on people who have gone bald because of their age.

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