New Study Reveals Tumor Suppressing Protein May Stimulate Cancer Growth

As per the new research, the scientist from the University of California, San Diego have recently published a report which revealed that the p53 suppresses Cancer, but in a new research study it has acknowledged that p53 may function to stimulate tumor progression. In addition to this, Xu, a researchers from Division of Biological Sciences’ Section of Molecular Biology also stated further that in few case it will have opposite effect as it sometimes promote cancer.

The scientists also revealed that p53 certainly stops the initiation of tumors by reducing the oxidative phosphorylation which produces genome toxins. On the other hand, p53 may function to stimulate development of tumor, once the tumor is developed. In addition, the research finding of XU which is based on combination of cell sample data, human patients and mouse models also discloses that it has actually the similar function but, might play exactly the opposite role in two different context.

The researchers experimenting on cancer drug also offers warned for the drug discovery related to cancer. The drug therapies designed for p53 function in cancer patients to suppress cancer may act opposite.

WTp53 Stimulates Cancer Growth by Promoting Cancer Metabolism

The advancement of cancer therapy, particularly in the framework of the highly utilized strategies to remove human cancer by either restoring WTp53 function to p53 mutants in cancers or activating WTp53. The application of WTp53 can further resolve various ongoing self-contradicting fact in the p53 biology and this research process will further benefit in developing specific drug for the treatment of cancer.

Earlier in the month, the researcher issued a statement on cancer cell which was evaluated after four years of research on liver cancer and it further revealed that WTp53 promote growth of the tumor by increasing metabolism of cancer.

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