New Study Offers Cost-Effective Alternative to Lithium-Ion Batteries


Cell phones, electric cars, and solar power systems have turned out to be basic need of current time. However, all these products need batteries to function. At present, lithium-ion batteries are widely used for this purpose. But growing use of these products calls for more powerful, safe, and cost-effective option to these batteries lithium-ion batteries. Researchers have discovered such cheaper and powerful alternative that uses potassium.

Checking Possibility of Using Potassium Metal Battery

Dendrites is a common issue when it comes to create metal batteries. Scientists from the University of Maryland recently stated that they have developed a technique with which this issue can be resolved. They stated that use of potassium in metal batteries offer the similar efficiency as that of lithium-ion batteries. The research is open for access in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Nikhil Koratkar is the lead author on this research. He stated, “This research could offer a rival for conventional lithium-ion batteries in terms of performance. There is need for a paradigm shift to metal batteries as they are the most efficient element in creating a battery. But, due to dendrite issue, they were not feasible till time. I’m hopeful that use of potassium in these batteries may resolve the issue.”

Research team explained the usefulness of their solution for dendrite issue. The study paves the way for practical consumer use of batteries created with new concept. Koratkar stated, “With the latest approach, a battery management system makes the use of local heat when batteries are not in use. This heat helps batteries to self-heal and manage the issue of dendrites.” In conclusion, Koratkar highlighted the potential of potassium metal battery to be used as more safe, efficient, and practical alternative in upcoming period.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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