New Scale Robotics Launches Mounting System for Agile Robots

The popularity of collaborative robots is steadily growing, as researchers discover new means of utility in them. One can mount these robots on unique platforms to increase their agility, dexterity, and utility. New Scale Robotics’ mounting technology may increase the range of motion for collaborative robots. Further, the technology is the first multi-tool system for mounting robots and controlling their movements.

The uniqueness of NSR-MTM-3-URe Multi-Tool Mount (NSR-MTM) System shall help other companies in conceptualizing robot-mounting systems. The system can mount up to three gripper robots, along with other important tools. The company has mounted these tools on the UR e-series cobot. Further, the mounting system can facilitate multiple functions through a single robot. New Scale Robotics has forayed into a fresh era of robotics with this invention.

Benefits of Multiple-Mounting Systems

Handling of small components becomes easier with the help of NSR-MTM-3-URe Multi-Tool Mount (NSR-MTM) System. Furthermore, user can perform inspection tasks with greater control and agility. Both of the aforementioned factors can help in offering higher throughput for the robots. The number of moves of the robots are reduced to increase the safety of the system. Besides, companies can accelrate automation of robotic processes using mounted systems.

Architecture of NSR-MTM Mounting System

The NSR-MTM System is a mix of software and hardware capabilities. The small size and light weight of the hardware helps in improving the agility of the robotic system. Also, the software facilitates integration of multiple devices on a single interface.
Mounted robots can perform basic tasks such as choosing parts, data logging, and measurement analysis. Further, the use of multiple grippers on the mounting system can assist in performing these tasks. The mounting system uses RS485 signals present inside the robot’s slip rings. As a result, this eliminates the need for external power cables or operators.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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