New Research to Study Finds Reasons for Blinding Diseases

Research related to blinding diseases is underway at several medical institutes. These diseases have a connection to the field of ophthalmology, and the researchers understand this precept. Leber hereditary optic neuropathy, commonly referred to as LHON, is amongst the inherent forms of blindness. It is a rare type of vision loss that causes sufferers to struggle with colour vision. Besides this, people who inherit LHON cannot focus on the central region of the visual field. Hence, it is important to find new therapies and mechanisms that can help people with LHON. The French-Canadian population has a form of mutational heritance for LHON. A report published in the Scientific Reports journal gives key insights about the cause of LHON. The report is based on research conducted by McGill University researchers.

The Eye-Brain Connection

Medical experts had quoted the anomalous size of connecting fibers in the eye behind the occurrence of LHON. These fibers connect the eyes to the functionalities of the brain, and smaller fibers are more sensitive. However, the mechanism behind such a connection was unknown until recently. Moreover, the researchers used computer simulation to test the impact of “superoxides” responsible for the connection.

Impact of Superoxides

The “superoxides” impact the eye-brain connection which may cause LHON. However, one of the researchers questioned the damage done by “superoxides” to the actual cells. Understanding the impact of these oxides on actual cells understood validates the research. Further, it is expected that the rising incidence of LHON would garner the interest of the medical fraternity towards this research.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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