New Platform allows High-quality Wireless 3-D Video Communications

Holostream – a new platform that enables high-quality 3-D video communication on mobile devices through existing standard wireless networks has been developed. The platform is first of its kind that can deliver heavy 3-D video content accurately in real time. Holostream drastically reduces size of 3-D video without deteriorating data quality substantially and allowing transmission within bandwidths provided by existing wireless networks.

Holostream helps improve data quality and extends the capabilities of popular applications that already harness real-time 3-D data delivery. The applications include telepresence and teleconference that uses virtual reality and other interactive technologies, by means of which people feel or appear to be present in a remote location. The platform could also be useful for emerging applications such as telemedicine and remote robotic surgery that may require high-resolution and high-accuracy.

Holostream Overcomes Limitations of Existing 3-D Video Communication Platform

On the contrary, existing 3-D video communication technologies have limitations, partly because they often require specialized and expensive hardware. In addition, the existing technologies require expensive hardware, highly demanding computational resources to serve real-time operation needs, and complex system setup. Moreover, existing technologies have the limitation of compressing 3-D video before it can be transmitted. However, compressing 3-D video content using conventional methods has its own challenges. Holostream solves this problem by first converting 3-D content to 2-D format.

2-D images in standard format and video compression techniques are quite established and allow modern 2-D video communication over standard wireless networks. If 3-D format can be precisely and efficiently converted into standard 2-D format, existing platforms for 2-D video communication can be immediately used for 3-D video communication that requires low bandwidth.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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