New Pipe Drying System Called EDF Developed by Fraunhofer Institute

Numerous cases of water damage due to rotten pipes are reported in Germany every year, and this leads to a humongous water waste. To curb this, a new drying system was developed by Fraunhofer researchers, which reduces the moisture evenly throughout building components in an energy-efficient manner.

More Details about the New Drying System Designed By Fraunhofer Researchers
The EDF (energy-efficient, vapor-permeable, and flexible) drying system developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP in Stuttgart helps reduce energy consumption by over 80 percent. This reduction is calculated by comparing with IR heating panels used over the same drying period.

The EDF system consists of a fireproof, vapor-permeable insulation material and an electric heater, which applies the heat directly to a wet interior wall. The whole apparatus measures about 100×50 centimeters, and it also works on curved surfaces and round walls. A sensor inside the system regulates the heating temperature, and if the temperature is increased, the drying process starts. A vapor-permeable insulation on the back of the EDF drying module, minimizes heat loss while letting moisture through the space available without the presence of any obstacle.

According to Andreas Zegowitz, a scientist at Fraunhofer IBP, the system is highly efficient as the heat is emitted directly onto the wall. In contrast, he explains that earlier used IR panels are set up at a distance from the wall, which leads to transfer of most of the energy into heating the room. He further notes that a key advantage of the EDF system involves its drying process to be temperature controlled. Other benefits of the system include ease in installment, noiseless drying, and presence of a lightweight design to provide ease in transportation. Thus, from an overall perspective, the EDF system is a revolutionary technology that could certainly change pipe drying scenarios in buildings.

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