New Patient Monitoring Device Reduces Death Toll of Sepsis Patients

A new technology developed at Imperial College London helps in monitoring health of patients with sepsis. The digital alert system helps in monitoring patient health, and could reduce the number of deaths and hospital admissions. Sepsis involves severe blood poisoning that may be fatal. In the UK, Sepsis is responsible for around 46,000 deaths each year. Meanwhile, diagnosis of sepsis in the early stages can help in controlling and treating the infection. Medical practitioners recommend antibiotics for patients in the early stages of sepsis. However, diagnosis of sepsis before it grows is the difficult part. The symptoms of sepsis are similar to those that can be seen during common illnesses such as flu.

 Use of Digital Alerts

 The NHS Trust of Imperial College is first to introduce digital alert systems in 2016. Following this, the trust observed a decline in the number of deaths and patients stays at the hospital. The digital alert system involves measure of heart rate, temperature, and glucose levels in patients. Furthermore, the system notifies doctors if patients fall outside the normal range of temperature or heart rate. Henceforth, patients suffering from sepsis can be offered quick aid with the help of this system. The system is integrated with electronic dashboards or health records where the pop-up alerts are displayed.

 Supremacy of Imperial College London

 Imperial College NHS Trust also developed a distinct electronic patient record system. The system can exclusively be used to monitor the health of patients suffering from sepsis. The Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association published the findings of the research. The Global Digital Health Unit at Imperial College made formidable contributions towards the new development. The opinion of medical practitioners on the new technology would be key to its popularity.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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