New Models Developed by Researchers at Binghamton University Can Help in Reducing Flight Delays

In a recent study performed in Binghamton University, State University of New York reveals that by considering passengers’ and airlines’ delay costs into account can help in saving airlines money and result in fewer delays. Andrew Cuomo who gave a proposal to transform New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport conducted this study. The focus of the study was to make the airports more efficient thus, they included the real cost of a delayed passenger in their model.
As of now, decision support system (DSS) are helping air traffic and direct flights with an objective to prevent delays. In addition, most of these systems use parameters like distance and time to manage and determine the optimal schedule.

NASA aerospace engineer Hanbong Lee and Duaa Serhan a Ph.D. student at Binghamton University, along with Sang Won Yoon who is an associate professor of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering come up with two models in which they considered the actual cost incurred when flights and passengers are delayed.

Reasons for delay can be multiple such as maintenance, fuel consumption, crew costs, additional travel time, and taxiing that are all included in the models. According to Serhan, airports mostly focus on increasing the runway throughput, whereas most of the paper focus on delay as a time rather considering the actual cost of the delay.

The two models were created and put to test under several air traffic situations. Moreover, they were even compared with three other scheduling methods that are used often. However, researchers are currently looking at the effect of weather, which will help in minimizing delays.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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