New Mobile Robots to Speed-up Building Construction

In a continued research effort, researchers are working with a mobile robotic platform to find use for autonomous logistics tasks at construction sites. Called Husky A200, the creation of the mobile robots is one of several research projects undertaken by the Fraunhofer Italia Innovation Engineering Center. The objective of the research project is to advance digitalization in construction and to bridge the gap between mobile robotics and the building industry.

For mobility feature of these robots, researchers at this institution are developing a software interface. This will enable mobile robots to find their way in construction sites.

Meanwhile, demand for affordable residences has gone through the roof. Developers pumping money in large, complex construction undertakings need to find ways to save time and money.

Engineering Team employ BIM to develop Software System, Workflow Interface for Construction Undertakings

To attain this, researchers at Fraunhofer Italia Innovation Engineering Center are determined to deliver these solutions and speed-up decision making for construction workflows. For this, an affiliate of Fraunhofer is tapping into a technology called Building Information Modeling (BIM). This is for the development of software systems and workflow interface.

For construction undertakings, BIM enables construction owners the need to know planners, construction workers, building owners, technicians, facility managers, and access to digital data model of buildings throughout their life cycle.

“The deployment of BIM is to incorporate digital planning into construction projects and bridge the gap between construction and robotics,” says a member of the Automation and  Mechatronics Engineering team at Bolzano Center. The researcher joined hands with colleagues from the research team of Process Engineering in Construction within the ROSBIM project. This is to develop a software interface to connect BIM with robot operating system (ROS).

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