New Methods to Repair Deep-Ear Damage

A recent study conducted by the researchers at Harvard and University of South California suggests a method to repair the damaged cells inside the ears. The new method could be a major relief for people suffering from hearing impairments. Currently, 17% of the adults in US and around two-third of the people aged above 70 years suffer from hearing impairments. The new method has developed a novel method to administer a drug that repairs the cells and restores the nerves inside an ear. The drug is administered in such a way that it stays in the affected area and continually performs the repair function.

Addressing the Problem

Previously, the fluids flowing inside the ear would wipeout the dissolved drugs, thus, hampering the repair mechanism. However, the researchers expound that the new method would address this problem and aid millions of patients with hearing loss and other dysfunctions in the ear. Moreover, the new method is not just helpful for administering drugs that repair nerves and cells, but can also be used to administer other types of drugs in the ear. Although the results are derived from testing animal tissues inside a petri dish, the researchers are positive that the results would be the same in living beings too. The method targets the cochlea which is the part of the ear responsible for communicating sound to the brain.

Future Growth

The researchers stated that the new method is not a panacea to hearing losses but is definitely a key advancement in the field of otology. The research opens doors to several new advancements in the future.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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