New Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Produce Light From In-House Lamps

Solar Cell

With current world rapidly incorporating advanced technologies in daily life, we are using Internet and IoT devices for completing almost all our regular activities. Due to this situation, there is for battery-less or wireless devices. A latest research offers new kinds of cells with an ability to produce light from lamps. Hopefully, this will aid in fulfilling the current energy needs.

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Transforming Future World

Researchers at Uppsala University discovered new cells, which are dye-sensitized solar cells with an ability to create light from in-house lamps. Scientists hope that these internal lamps will work as a district low-maintenance energy source and offer local power to IoT devices. The research is open for access in the journal Chemical Science. Moreover, scientists from the Technical University of Munich also showed their participation in this study.

Marina Freitag headed the research carried out at Uppsala University. In this study, Freitag along with her associates created new indoor photovoltaic (PV) cells. The key specialty of these cells is their ability to convert up to 34% of visible light into electricity. Freitag stated, “Identifying the spectra of these light sources can assist in tuning special dyes to soak up indoor light. Generally, these indoor PVs generate huge energy. In addition, they aid in maintaining a high voltage under low light. And this is vital to power different IoT devices.” Besides, the research also offered an adaptive “power management” system for solar-powered IoT sensors.

Contrary to their battery-limited devices, the new light-driven devices smartly feed from the amount of light available. Further, Freitag said, “Ambient light harvesters offer an advanced generation of smart and self-powered IoT devices. These devices are powered by an energy source that is mostly unused. Notably, the blend of cost effectiveness and high efficiency with toxic-free materials for indoor PVs is of key significance to sustainability of IoT.”

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