New Charging Room System functions Wirelessly to Power Objects, finds research

An innovation could one day free the snarl of charging cords at all places, say researchers at the University of Tokyo and University of Michigan. The highlight of the innovation is to deliver electricity safely over air, which could turn entire buildings into wireless charging zones.

The details of the innovation is published in Nature Electronics. The highlight of the system is it can transmit 50 watts of power with the help of magnetic fields.

Besides untethering laptops and phones, the technology could power medical implants. This could open new possibilities for mobile robotics in manufacturing facilities and homes. The implementation of the system in spaces that are smaller than that of a room is also what the team is working on.

This pins hope to elevate the power needs of the computing world. Literally, this would enable computer to place on anything without the slightest worry of charging or plugging.

The clinical applications of the system are adequate. Heart implants, today require a wire that runs from the pump to the body connected to an external power source. The system could eliminate this, thereby reducing the risk of infection and improve quality of life for patients.

The team demonstrated working of the technology in an aluminum test room made for the purpose measuring 10 feet by 10 feet in size. This involved powering lamps wirelessly, cell phones, and fans that could draw current from any part of the room irrespective of use of the space by people and furniture.

Importantly, the system features major improvements over previous ones for wireless charging systems. The use of potentially hazardous radiation or the need to be positioned on dedicated charging pads were requisites of predecessor devices.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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