New AI-Based Algorithm could Predict Outcomes of Chemical Reactions

A new research finds that artificial intelligence could be used to study molecular properties. Algorithms based on AI can be deployed to study the electronic properties and wave functions of molecules. Researchers from the University of Warwick, University of Luxembourg, and the Technical University of Berlin initiated the research. The findings of the research can help in expediting the process of drug development and material testing. Meanwhile, the use of AI to recognize purchasing behaviour, human faces, and handwritings is extremely common. However, the study of scientific and biological functions through artificial intelligence is a nascent concept. Additionally, AI is gathering popularity across chemical engineering to predict experimental outcomes.

 Relevance of Quantum Physics

Coherent implementation of the laws of physics is behind the success of AI in multiple areas. Hence, researchers developed a machine learning algorithm to determine the properties of molecules. The wave functions of the molecules can be studied while they are in their quantum states. Meanwhile, the findings of the research published in Nature Communications journal. Quantum chemistry has emerged as an area of interest for global researchers. Chemical predictions require voluminous amounts of computing resources for industrial and medical applications. The newly-developed AI algorithm makes accurate predictions using much lesser resources.

 Supremacy of Research

 Mobile devices and laptops can support the new system. The researchers conducted intensive research over a period of three years to come to a conclusion. They used their knowledge AI technologies, quantum physical, and chemical analysis. Furthermore, collation of quantum mechanical data also played a key role in accomplishing the study. A three-month fellowship program at UCLA was the meeting point for the researchers. It would be interesting to see the real-time application of the new algorithm.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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