Neurons of Premature Babies May Heal with this Music

Doctors render specialised procedures on premature babies to ensure optimal care. The medical fraternity is on a quest to develop innovative methods for improving the health of premature babies. Children born before the 32nd week of pregnancy are termed as born “prematurely”. Industrial countries witness the highest incidence of premature births annually. In Switzerland, around 800 children are prematurely born each year. Latest advancements in neonatal care have increased the chances of survival for premature babies. However, these infants are at a higher risk of being affected by neuropsychological disorders. These disorders could be a direct outcome of strenuous environments in baby-care units. Hence, several medical research organisations are developing improved neonatal care mechanisms.

Premise of Research

A recent research conducted at University of Geneva makes groundbreaking assertions about the health of premature babies. The researchers consider specially-composed music as a means to develop the cognitive strength of newborns. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published the findings of the research in the US. The research revealed that the neural health of premature babies significantly improves due to exposure to special music. Moreover, the same reason enhanced the cognitive and sensory abilities of these infants.

Future Developments

Some of the neuropsychological disorders developed by premature babies include learning and writing difficulties, emotional disorders, and decreased attention span. The survival of prematurely-born kids is not as much a concern as is the occurrence of such disorders. Hence, the new research may open fresh avenues for improving the health of these babies.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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