Nest Cam Returns to Market Heroically with Nest Cam IQ

The company that efficiently disrupted the market for home thermostat back in 2011, was in a dilapidated state from the last couple of years. With stagnant apps and the exit of CEO, the company was a sinking until now. The Alphabet-owned business is making a notable retrun in the game with its new intelligent indoor camera known as the Nest Cam IQ. It bears the signature thermostat of Nest and is of similar shape.

Less about Cam, More about IQ

Nest has come up with a strong and flexible pivot stand, a three-microphone array with echo and noise suppression technique, and a powerful speaker. However, the company is really not that excited about the hardware of the new Nest Cam IQ. The co-founder of Nest, Matt Rogers said that while designing the new Nest Cam IQ, they basically focused on the feedbacks given by customers. He added that customers had given the feedback of more insights and less information. The sales of this camera is more about the IQ and will be demonstrated by future integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Added Features of Nest Cam IQ

The new Cam IQ promises enhanced insights and security with cropped portraits of detected faces, automatic alerts, and end-to-end encryption. With the help of advanced technology from Google, Nest Cam IQ can precisely detect a moving object within its field of vision. The cam also has the capacity to differentiate among strangers and friends or family. It can also pick up audio cues for raising an alarm. The Nest Cam IQ is priced at US$299. Nest is expected to begin its shipping by the end of June.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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