Negligent Emergency Care Shoots Up Death to 28 million

An emergency condition is a situation where one needs interventions within minutes to minimize the chances of death and disability. In 2015, 28 million people died due to ignorance in emergency care. A researcher from John Hopkins University presented in the study while analyzing data from almost 200 countries. Poorer nations topped the list finds his analysis.

Globally most research in medicine consists of disease prevention and primary care, whereas emergency care isn’t a priority. This study identifies the scope of burden of emergency medical conditions including strokes, ling infections, and heart attacks. The director of Johns Hopkins Center for Global Emergency Medicine Junaid Razzak feels this study is first-of-its-kind. The finding could help in developing public health strategies in the future, preventing deaths in emergency care and redirecting resources.

Poorer Nations Worst Hit

Researchers discovered two new indicators – the Emergency Disease Burden (EDB) and the Emergency Disease Mortality Rate (EDMR). These indicators help in measuring, standardizing, and ranking the scope and scale of deaths and emergency care, at the global and regional level.

However, researchers faced a challenge while interpreting the statistics due to chronic precedents. But the results of the research can still contribute a lot in policy making and increase investments in emergency care.

During the research, Razzak found that there is a 6% rise in deaths of children and adults owing to emergency conditions from 1990 to 2015. The number of deaths decreased substantially in upper-middle-income countries, whereas, in poorer nations, the number fell 11%. Despite the decrease, the mortality encumbrance of medical emergencies shot up 4-5% in low-income countries.

Another significant fact revealed is that emergency diseases affect men more than women. And 50% of all the emergency disease burden was largely seen among people under 45 years.

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