Need to Store Biological Substances at Freezing Temperature to Boost Dual Chamber Injectors and Syringes Market

Dual chamber injectors and syringes refer to medical devices that find use in the storage of biological substances or active pharmaceutical components. Biological substances comprise serum, blood, and tissues, which do not remain stable for a prolonged period. These devices assist in keeping the sterility of drugs intact until the time of injection so as to prevent loss of drugs. A case in point is the storage of liquid proteins drugs, which needs refrigeration before dispensing. As such, dual chamber injectors and syringes assist in proper management of storage condition of liquid proteins drugs. Proper storage helps in diminishing the adverse effects on the drug delivery system. These factors are anticipated to encourage development of the global dual chamber injectors and syringes market in the years to come.

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Demand for the Product to Ride on the Back of Increased Research and Development Activities

The growth of dual chamber injectors and syringes market is likely to be influenced by the need to store lyophilized drugs and biological substances at freezing temperatures before its use. There has been considerable technological progress in the field so as to draw the attention of more customers. However, the costs of these devices are quite expensive, which is expected to impede growth of the global dual chamber injectors and syringes market in the years to come.

Better positioning for liquid component in injectors and syringes has been made possible through technological advancement. This progress in technology has resulted in the introduction of multi chamber or EZMix dual prefilled syringes by Unilife. Systems such as EZMix acts as an efficient and safe system for the purpose of delivery and reconstitution of injectable therapies, which is likely to trigger growth of the global dual chamber injectors and syringes market in the years to come. In addition, the need to store these important biological products at freezing temperatures is likely to bode well for the market in the near future.

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