Need for Quality Sleep Boosts Uptake of Snoring Control Devices

San Francisco, California, February 19, 2018– Snoring control devices help individuals who snore with nose breathing. Snoring control devices are of a various types such as mouthpieces, anti-snoring pillows, chin straps, pills, and sprays. Snoring control devices are of paramount importance for individuals who snore that can have serious implications on quality of life. Due to the importance of snoring control devices, the snoring control devices is anticipated to be in a good stead, says a new research report by TMR Research. The report is titled “Snoring Control Devices Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”

The increasing preference for homecare is the key factor fuelling the global snoring control devices market. Individuals with severe illnesses and elderly people are unable to make frequent visits to healthcare facilities, which is boosting the demand for home monitoring devices. The availability of devices suitable for homecare saves trips to healthcare facilities and hospitals.

By product type, the snoring control devices market could be segmented into mandibular advancement device, expiratory positive airway pressure device, chin strap, nasal device, and tongue stabilizing device. Of them, mandibular advancement device displayed the leading demand in the recent past. This is because mandibular advancement device offer advantages of cost-effectiveness, eliminate the need for surgery, and are available custom-made. Mouthpieces help individuals by holding the jaw in proper alignment for improving air flow by moving tongue and soft palate.

By end-user, the segments into which the snoring control devices market is classified are hospitals, sleep labs, and home care settings. Of them, hospitals end-use segment report the leading demand for snoring control devices. The high volume use of snoring control devices in hospitals for sleep disorders is contributing to the growth of this segment.

The key regions for snoring control devices analyzed in this report are North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Of them, North America holds dominance in the snoring control devices market due to a high level of awareness among consumers about the availability and efficacy of these devices. Government support and financial assistance for consumers who are unable to afford these devices and suffer from severe snoring issues is also a key factor behind the growth of North America snoring control devices market. Substantial research and development initiatives for product innovation is also boding well for North America snoring control devices market. Lastly, increasing incidence of sleep apnea due to personal and professional stress are also driving the adoption of snoring control devices.

Europe ranks as the second in terms of revenue contribution to the global snoring control devices market. On the other hand, Asia Pacific is anticipated to emerge as a significant market for snoring control devices due to rising sleep disorders related to lifestyle changes and personal and professional stress.

The report studies the snoring control device market from a competitive standpoint. The report identifies and profiles leading companies for their distinguishing business attributes. Key companies operating in the snoring control devices market include GlaxoSmithKline, MPowrx Health and Wellness Products, and ResMed. Some other prominent players in this market are Apnea Sciences, SNOREDOC, ZYPPAH, MEDiTAS, SnoreMeds, Sleeping Well, TheraSnore, AirSnore, Sleep Tight Mouthpiece, and abd VitalSleep.

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