Need for Lighting Systems in Remote Areas to Boost Light Tower Market

San Francisco, California, February 21, 2018 – The global light tower market is predicted to gain traction, according to recently published report, titled, “Light Tower Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” The report elucidates on how the market for light towers is witnessing massive opportunities on account of the changing safety standards worldwide.

Light towers are essentially a component of a mobile device, consisting of single or multiple high powered electric lamps along with a mast. Such light masts are used to illuminate remote work areas, which are not connected to the main primary power grid. The bulbs used in these kind of light towers are usually powered by diesel engines and consist of metal halide bulbs.

Nowadays, the norm is to power the lamps using solar power, hydrogen fuel cells or batteries instead of metal halide bulbs. The light tower mast could be of a fixed height or adjustable. Some producers also manufacture inflatable masts, made of synthetic.

Several sectors such as oil and gas, construction, mining and emergency rescue services utilize light towers. They are also used to provide illumination to distant and remote villages or communities, where there is scarcity of electric power provisions. Such kind of applications usually prefer the use of solar-powered light towers, as they offer low emission and green energy to these locations.

A significant factor contributing to the growth of the global light tower market is the proliferation of the oil, gas and mining industries. The various procedures and operations in these sectors involve high number of risks. The location of these industries is usually at distant and remote locations. They opt for generation of local power sources with the use of heavy duty generators. It is essential for such sites to be illuminated properly, which provides an impetus to the growth of the global light tower market. Operations of emergency rescue is carried out by police forces, firefighters and military. Thus these are also significant users of inflatable light towers, which prove to be extremely easy to operate and transport.

Based on geography, the region of Asia Pacific is expected to hold a dominant market share. On account of the gargantuan growth of industries and infrastructure in this region, the demand for tower lights has surged substantially. The rising prospects in construction and real estate in this region are also accounted responsible for the market upswing. Countries such as India, Taiwan, China, Japan and China are expected to witness a boost in this industry due to increased awareness of safety regulations for workers and employees.

The non-adherence of safety regulations by local vendors to international standards is expected to hamper the growth of the market to a certain limit. Due to vast geographical reach of Asia Pacific, there is a dearth of global players in the region. It is dominated by smaller and regional market players. Thus, the high potential presented by this region could be difficult to capture by global players. However, rising awareness of standard safety regulations and practices may help overcome this restraint in the forthcoming years.

Some of the prominent vendors in the global light tower market are Wacker Neuson, Terex Corporation, Atlas Copco, Aska Equipments Limited and Generac Holding.

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