Need for Relaxation spins Demand for Aromatherapy in Urban Lifestyle

With rising inclination of consumers towards natural healing procedures for physical and mental ailments, aromatherapy is witnessing spurt in demand. Consumers are increasingly seeking alternative therapies over pharmaceutical drugs as the former is mostly free of adverse effects.

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In urban areas, rise in number of healing centers, ayurvedic centers, naturopathy centers, and spas and salons is favoring the growth of aromatherapy market. High professional stress and personal commitments that are exhausting is stoking demand for aromatic relaxation sessions. Men, women pre-book relaxation sessions at exclusive aromatherapy centers or healing centers that offer these sessions for rejuvenation. Aromatherapy sessions usually include topical application or inhalation of essential oils. Inhalation involves the evaporation of oils in the air using a spray, diffuser container, or oil droplets, or breathed in such as in a steam bath.

Further, hospitals, clinics, and wellness centers also offer aromatherapy sessions along with medical care. Medical consultants, doctors advise natural healing therapies such as aromatherapy for healing the mind and senses. Such therapies aid the benefits of medical care for physical and mental ailments.

Celebrity Endorsements pave Growth Opportunities for Large Players

The aromatherapy market is considerably fragmented with the presence of large number of small and large players. Such a vendor landscape renders intense competition in the aromatherapy market. Large players are engaged in R&D to launch innovative and superior quality products. Besides this, large players are focused on expanding their chains via celebrity endorsements, and varied marketing channels including social media. Branded companies conduct surveys for opinion of consumers and include them in their social pages feed to gather consumer interest. Expansion of product line and distribution channels is also what keen players in the aromatherapy market are engaged in.

Some prominent names in the aromatherapy market are Young Living Essential Oils, Rocky Mountain Oils, Plant Therapy Essential Oils, FLORIHANA, doTERRA, Edens Garden, Frontier Natural Products Co-op, Rocky Mountains Oils, LLC, and Biolandes.

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