Need to Combat Infections Bolsters Global Surgical Waste Management Market

San Francisco, California, February 12, 2018: The global market for surgical waste management is expected to undergo rapid advances in the coming years. Waste management, in general, has been a matter of concern across the globe. A number of environmentalists have pressed on the need to effectuate a system that effectively treats waste and harmlessly disposes it. National governments have also made concerted efforts to ensure that growth of various industries does not tarnish the natural cover around us. When surgical and medical wastes add to the toll of environmental deterioration, the scenario becomes even more complex and jeopardizing for all the elements of the ecosystem. Medical and surgical wastes are the remnants of treatments, surgeries, and other activities that house in the entire medical and healthcare industry. Surgical wastes can peculiarly be very harmful for human health because it is contagious and can even be fatal in some cases. Hence, it is evident that there needs to be an effective system in place for the management of surgical wastes. TMR presents a report about the global market for surgical waste management and encapsulates a holistic view of the market. The report titled ‘Surgical Waste Management Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025’ foretells the trends and opportunities that lie ahead the market over the given timeframe. The report gives an analytic viewpoint on several factors that are aligned with the market for surgical waste management.

The advancements in technology have assisted the market players to come up with novel ideas in the domain of surgical waste management. This becomes a key factor contributing to the growth of the global market. Furthermore, the efforts of national governments towards better waste management have resulted in a stringent regulatory framework, thus, keeping healthcare units and other entities on their toes to manage surgical wastes. The market has seen the advent of new and better services within the industry and the outdated and conventional modes of waste management have been stripped off. The data released by international bodies with regards to the pollution levels has also generated a sense of awakening amongst governments and other bodies. This is also expected to create tremendous spaces for market growth in the coming years.

Despite the urgent need for effective management of surgical wastes, the nonchalant attitude of a large section of the population still poses a threat to the market. However, the betterment of healthcare infrastructure coupled with the growth of innovative methods for waste disposal is anticipated to keep boosting market growth. Emergence of ‘Clean Harbors’ and the growing awareness about bacterial decay also offer opportunities for growth within the global market.

A regional analysis of the global surgical waste management market reveals that the prominence of Asia Pacific. The region is projected to exhibit a high growth rate over the coming years owing to the stronghold of its healthcare industry. Moreover, the increasing medical option in India, China, and Japan is also an important standpoint for the market. In North America and Europe, the presence of a large number of market players is expected to enhance market growth.

The leading market players include WasteXpress Environmental,Complete Medical Waste, USA Hazmat, AP Medical, Daniels Sharpsmart, Republic Services, Sharps Compliance, and Clean Harbors. The competitive landscape is characterized by stiff competition due to the efforts of the market players. Moreover, each of these players are expected to invest in core research and analysis to provide better products to the consumers.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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