Naval Observatory Astronomers Discover Active Galactic Nucleus in NGC 2992

The U.S Naval Observatory astronomers explore the Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN) in the galaxy known as NGC 2992, Very Long Baseline Array and NASA’s swift spacecraft, have been put to use during the observation. The observation available on throws more light on characteristics of AGN and its galaxy.

The AGN accumulates supermassive blackholes (SBMHs) from some galaxies and they emit powerful and immense energy radiation while they accumulate dust and gas. These nuclei can build jets with conical, parabolical, and cylindrical shapes that are easily visible of megaparsec scales.       

NGC2992 and AGN Performance

As per the findingsNGC 2992 galaxy, 103 million light years away from Earth, a Seyfert galaxy of Sa type, and spiral in shape without a central bar. While hosting AGN, the NGC 2992 may come in contact with its neighbouring galaxy NGC 2993. These two galaxies are interconnected by tidal bridge ionized hydrogen and the tidal tails are present at the southeast of NGC 2993 and north of NGC 2992.

So far there are many observations available on AGN in NGC 2992, however there is no study about its radio variability in NGC 2992 until today. Hence, Luis C. Fernandez and his team from the U. S. Naval Observatory have come forward to study AGN on NGC 2992 with regards to X-ray and radio involving VLBA and X-ray Telescope (XRT) onboard swift.

The study reveals, core radio (6 GHz) and X-ray (2–10 keV ) are not interrelated. The radio emitting region constant with radio emission originating within the confines of central accretion region. The astronomers say that these findings lay the important physical pictures of the dynamic relationship between X-ray and radio emission in AGNs

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