Nanoscale Transistor to Enable Truly Wearable Smart Tech and Flexible TV

Shandong University and University of Manchester researchers have created a nanoscale transistor that could bring the world one step closer to truly wearable smart tech and flexible TVs. Called as thin film transistor (TFT), the nanoscale, ultrafast transistor is designed using an oxide semiconductor. It is supposed to be the first of its kind that holds the ability to operate at 1 GHz of benchmark speed. This is expected to improve next-gen electronic gadgets and make them even more flexible, brighter, and faster than before. TFT is said to typically find application in liquid crystal display (LCD) and modern gadgets such as HD TVs, tablets, and smartphones.

Rapid Development of Oxide-based Technology Witnessed in Recent Years

University of Manchester’s nanoelectronics professor, Aimin Song explained that the research conducted alongside the team in China may help to produce TV at an even cheaper expense and more mechanically flexible while it could already be made tremendously bright and thin. However, their GHz transistors, more importantly, may perhaps give means to even high performance or medium flexible electronic circuits. Song also said that oxide semiconductor TFT could find a key part to play in the development of smart cities, smart hospitals, and smart homes.

Song thinks that commercialization has been brought much closer with latest developments such as the replacement of amorphous silicon with some oxide-based technology. However, exhaustive research and development still needs to be conducted on the part of large-area manufacturing, testing, device design, lithography, and materials to commercialize oxide-based electronics, added Song.

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