Nanoparticles to Eliminate Adverse Immune Response from Drugs

Drug development is a complex process in medicine. Despite a robust mechanism for approval, several discrepancies from standards still exist. Drugs with possible side-effects include such information on their labels and packaging. And, one of the concerns that bother patients in loss in immunity. Over a 100 drugs sold in the US come with warnings related to immunity side effects. Shockingly, authorities have approved all these drugs.

On the other hand, authorities have restricted sales of some drugs due to their adverse immune response. These drugs have the potential to severely harm patients. Consumption of these drugs can destroy the immunity of the biological system through elicit responses. A number of research organizations have been working towards improving these drug responses in favor of consumers.

Eliminating Negative Responses

Selecta Biosciences has deployed an approach based on nano-particles to eliminate the negative response of drugs. This approach has helped in limiting adverse immune responses of drugs in humans. Moreover, preliminary clinical trial data also points in favor of such an approach. Nano particles can improve the safety, action, and effectiveness of the drugs.

At the same time, drug approval authorities have rejected several useful drugs in the past on account of their potent immune response. However, with the new research, scientists believe there is a means to eliminate this response.

Future Research

Besides, the impact of immune response can be reversed to benefit the individuals. Further, several researchers within drug-testing are expected to carry the reigns of the current research forward. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department in the US is closely scrutinizing the research.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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