Nanomechanical Testing opens New Frontiers in Materials Research

Nanomechanical testing is relatively emerging field. Over the past decade, the market has seen several technologies to help researchers make in-depth study of the materials properties and their performance. Nanomechanical testing is extensively employed for understanding the complex mechanical properties of various materials at the small scale such as in ceramics, glasses, metals, polymers, composites, biomaterials, and coatings.

Key properties include visco-elastic behavior, phase transformation mechanism, and fracture phenomena. The advent of nanoindentation testing is a case in point. Growing number of in-situ testing techniques for research is also a vital factor influencing the market’s prospects.

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There is a growing demand for micromechanical testing techniques that can factor in different environmental parameters, notably temperature and rate dependence, in understanding the materials properties.

Advancement in In-Situ Techniques bodes Well

The global nanomechanical testing market is benefitting from advancement in in-situ techniques. The rising demand for precise measurements for studying properties of thin films for nanotechnology fabrication is bolstering the application of the testing technologies. Great strides have been made in the nanotechnology fabrication for various end-use industries is opening new possibilities in the nanomechanical testing market. Launch of nanoindenter products with better functionalities also augurs well for the market in the not-so-distant future. The application of nanomechanical testing in temperature- driven deformation mechanisms is also favoring the dynamics of the market.

Efforts of end-use industries to utilize the unique properties of monolithic materials have fueled the potential over the past few years. However, modeling of the mechanical behavior for developing nanomechanical testing at high temperatures is a prominent challenge for materials researchers. The use of nanoindentation for micro-electro-mechanical systems is an exciting avenue that will attract investors. Intense research and development activities in this regard will pave way to more lucrative investment pockets.

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