Nano-scale Finding Provides Clue for Overheating in Electronics

The mystery behind the perplexing phenomenon of nano realm is now solved by a team of physicists at CU Boulder. Due to this phenomenon, some ultra-heat sources cool faster if they are packed closely.

The findings of the study is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of sciences. The finding could someday help the tech industry to design electronic devices with less overheating.

In fact, in the design of electronics, heat is often a challenging factor. The device is constructed and then it is discovered of its faster heating that what is desired. To address this, the objective is to understand the basic physics that is involved so that future devices can be engineered for efficient management of the flow of heat.

The initiation of research is related to an unexplained observation dating back to 2015. The two researchers at CU Boulder were experimenting with metal bars that were several times than the width of a human hair placed on a silicon base. On heating of the bars with lasers, it led to a strange occurrence.

The reaction of the metal bars was high counterintuitive. The heat sources of nano scale usually dissipate heat in an efficient manner. If packed closely, they cool down much faster.

The reason for this is now known to researchers.

Meanwhile, for the new study, computer-based simulations were used to track the passage of heat from bars of nano size. On placing the heat sources close together, the vibrations of energy that was produced started to bounce off each other leading to scattering of heat and cooling of the bars.

The finding of the group highlights a key challenge in the design of next-gen minuscule devices.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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