Musk Claims to Have Received Verbal Approval From Govt for D.C.-to-N.Y Hyperloop

While Elon Musk has always been famous for making hefty promises, he has decided to take to the next level by claiming to have received a verbal go ahead from the American government for laying down the plans for his ambitious hyperloop project.

Tesla’s Tunnel Boring Company Received Green Light
The leader of Tesla and SpaceX announced on Thursday that his tunnel boring company has finally received a go ahead from the government. The boring will be conducted as a part of the super high speed pod and tube transportation system, or nicknamed the Hyperloop by Elon Musk. The announcement was made by him on his Twitter handle, claiming to have received a verbal agreement from the government for the tunnel to travel between Washington and New York. However, Musk did not reveal any more details when asked questions by his Twitter followers regarding the officials who approved of the Hyperloop.

Musk Optimistic for Formal Approval
The Trump administration, while not reporting to have given a formal approval for the Hyperloop yet, has not shut the idea down. White House officials stated that there have been fruitful and positive conversations on the concept, and the government is committed to spearheading infrastructure projects that are transformative and provide solutions to some of the more pressing issues of the country today. Musk tweeted later that if civilians wished for the project to be set up faster, they should let their local federal elected representatives know.

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