Multiple Displacement Amplification Find Promising Applications in Whole Genome Sequencing

The drive for multiple displacement amplification market stems from the demand for techniques that can amplify relatively small amounts of DNA. In several of the experiments, there is demand for whole-genome DNA from a limited amount of DNA. In addition, growing application of such techniques in forensics in various countries is boosting the market. Rising numbers of crime investigations that call for such applications has appreciated prospects in the multiple displacement amplification market.

Focus on Molecular Research Drive Prospects; Advances in Genome Sequencing Broaden Prospects

Over the past few years, the technologies have generated hopes for unraveling crucial information from uncultured microbial species. Multiple displacement amplification promises to offer insight into more information than any other type of non-PCR technique. Players in the multiple amplification market has benefitted increasingly from the increasing preference of the technique over classical PCR DNA amplification methods.

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Several developing nations are emerging as new hotbed of opportunities for molecular research with the application of multiple displacement amplification techniques. Growing emphasis of governments on molecular technologies research and development is opening new avenues for biotech companies in the multiple displacement amplification market. Advances made in genome sequencing in a number of developing and developed nations have unlocked new prospects in the market.

Strides in Metagenomics Bolster New Application Areas

Scientists have in recent years have attained new milestones in whole genome analysis of non-cultivable viruses. These have helped in expanding the horizon in the multiple displacement amplification market. Entry of biotechnology companies aspiring for new growth potential in the market has also fueled its evolution.

Further, strides being made in metagenomics in recent years has added momentum to novel applications of multiple displacement amplification techniques. Promising opportunities in this regard are stimulated by the discovery of new metagenomics protocols. A few healthcare solution providers have unveiled new protocols to facilitate amplification with remarkable fidelity.

In recent years, multiple displacement amplification holds impressive potential in cancer research, particularly in sequencing a tumor cell. The method is getting preference over polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based scWGA. The application in single-cell resequencing analysis is a case in point. Remarkable fidelity and simplicity account for the growing popularity of multiple displacement amplification methods in tumor analysis.

Genomic Assessment of Cancer Cells New Avenue

Ongoing studies in the multiple displacement amplification market aim at making the method more uniform and robust, thus expanding the potential of the technologies for biotechnology research. Several countries have committed funds on genomic assessment of cancer cells, unlocking new prospects. New avenues are also underpinned by ongoing research and development activities pertaining to development of functional metagenomics.

Novel technologies in the multiple displacement amplification methods have opened a paradigm shift for the research fraternity. Further, multiple displacement amplification methods are playing a greater role in single-cell genomics studies being conducted by researchers around the world.

The key regions in the multiple displacement amplification market comprise Latin America, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, South Asia, Oceania, and East Asia. Of these, North America has been region with substantial revenues. Strides made by preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and its application for analysis of genetic diseases are key to remarkable growth of this regional market. The presence of a robust research infrastructure in Europe has helped the regional market rose to prominence in recent years. Meanwhile, East Asia is a market of sizable revenue prospects. The growth in the region is driven by the growing application of multiple displacement amplification methods among researchers in diverse areas such as forensics and oncology.

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Top players in the market include GE Healthcare, Qiagen, MP Biomedicals, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Abgene ltd., and Bioneer.

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