Multiple Benefits of the Product to Foster Growth of the Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes Market

Reinforced thermoplastic pipes refer to very high-pressure pipes that are made from synthetic fiber of very high strength. They come in three different layers. The external layer is usually either white or black in color and offers protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. The layer in-between comprises a reinforced tape that is compounded by various reinforced material like aramid fiber and polyester. Usually, the third or the last layer is considered as a protective layer. These pipes are go by the name of flexible composite pipes. These pipes make an offering of various properties like resistance to very high pressure, flexibility, anti-corrosion, heat resistance, and thermal insulation. The properties of these pipes are likely to foster growth of the global reinforced thermoplastic pipes market in the near future.

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Recovering Oil and Gas Prices and Expansion of Production Facilities to Accentuate Demand

The growth of the global reinforced thermoplastic pipes market is primarily influenced by the their extensive use in several end use sectors, which comprises use in the offshore activities of the oil and gas industry, in the transportation sector, and so on. Many industries make use of metal pipes and these pipes tend to witness corrosion and react with fluids, thereby leading to considerable economic losses and loss of time and labor as well. As such, government agencies and governments are coming up with stringent norms and regulations so as to regulate the utilization of these pipes in the industrial sector. Imposition of strict regulations by the government is anticipated to support growth of the global reinforced thermoplastic pipes market in the forthcoming years.

Recuperating prices of oil and gas coupled with surging demand for oil and gas from several end use industries, such as plastics and polymer, chemicals, and others are likely to augur well for the global reinforced thermoplastic pipes market in the years to come. Many oil and gas producers are now focusing on expanding their business through completion of previously planned production facilities and making of new facilities. Such with activities, the global reinforced thermoplastic pipes market is forecasted to observe growth in the years to come.

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