Morning Walks More Effective than Drugs for Hypertension

According to a recent study published in Hypertension journal about half hour walk could help in reducing blood pressure. Researchers at the University of Western Australia carried out this study and revealed how morning walks can replace medication.

Based on data from the charity Blood Pressure UK, about one-third adults have high blood pressure more than 140/90 mmHg. It also showed that more than 12 million people consume medicines for this condition in Britain.

Morning Exercise to Break Development of High Blood Pressure

For the study, researchers assessed 67 obese and overweight women and men between 55 and 80 years. People followed three different routines each lasting 8 hours to help scientists get a clear understanding of the effect of morning walks. In the first routine, participants needed to sit at a stretch for eight hours. In the second, participants took a 30-minutes-walk after working for an hour. Participants performed the same routine in the third slot, but interrupted every 30 minutes with a 3 minutes of light intensity walking. The results varied among participants who sat for long hours with the ones who took strides in regular intervals.
According to the lead of the study Michael Wheeler, blood pressure reduced in a similar if people took anti-hypertension medicines. He also added by saying, blood pressure increases with age which can be managed by a combination of exercise and medicine. Moreover, half hour morning exercise is also good for mental health according to the British Heart Foundation.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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