Monumental Growth of Manufacturing Sector spurts demand for Industrial Blast Hoses

The growth of industrial blast hoses market stems from their critical applications in a number of end-use industries, including construction, manufacturing, and shipping. Exponential infrastructural development in developing countries such as India and ASEAN countries in the past decade is a key factor behind upsurge in demand for industrial blast hoses. Industrial blast hoses are extensively used at construction sites for conveying sand and other construction material that pose hazard if handled manually.

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Meanwhile, industrial blast hoses are intrinsic part of any blasting system. Primarily, industrial blast hoses are designed for conveying abrasive material at high pressure, particularly in heavy engineering industries.

Monumental growth of the industrial sector in some developing countries fuels the industrial blast hoses market. Favorable government policies and heavy investments from large business houses have led to development of large industrial units in these countries. Industrial blast hoses are integral during construction of large industrial units, as well as of their functioning for production of finished goods. Such initiatives have indirectly benefitted the industrial blast hoses market.

Government Imposed Lockdowns in the wake of COVID-19 hampers Demand

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on several industrial sectors, including manufacturing and heavy engineering has negatively affected growth of industrial blast hoses market. Disruption or complete stopping of production in manufacturing units has impacted the demand for industrial blast hoses over the past few months. Governments in several parts of the world imposed complete lockdowns, wherein movement of individuals was tightly controlled to contain the spread of the pandemic. Manufacturing units are partially functional, with fewer production hours and limited personnel during any shift. Limited production hours resulting in less production of finished goods accounts for impeded demand for industrial blast hoses. This negatively impacts growth of industrial blast hoses market.

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