Monumental Expanding Demand for Safe Water impels Growth for Chloramine Filter Market

The increasing regulation by several governments regarding the use of chloramine to disinfect drinking water is predominantly fuelling the chloramine filter market. Chloramine filters enable to remove chloramine concentrations, along with chlorine to provide clean and safe water. Chloramines are disinfectants that dissolve quickly and also provide long lasting disinfection, as water moves through pipes from the source to consumers. Chloramines exhibit a distinct chemical odor and taste that needs to be neutralized using chloramine filters.

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The growing use of chloramine by municipal water bodies has led to expanded use of chloramine filters to clean water and remove harmful contaminants.

Efforts of product manufacturers resulting in advances in chloramine filtration systems with a focus on safety of consumers bodes well for the growth of chloramine filter market.

Rise in Water pollution level stokes Demand for Chloramine Filter

Rise in water pollution level due to rapid industrialization in developing countries is necessitating filtration of water at every stage. This involves use of chloramine filter to ensure filtration of water when it moves in pipes from the source to consumer.

Rise in incidence of waterborne diseases and growing disposable incomes are another key reasons behind growing adoption of chloramine filters. Today, awareness among consumers to purify water at every stage before it is suitable for use is stoking demand for chloramine filters. This is resulting in increasing share of Asia Pacific in the chloramine filter market.

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On the contrary, high cost involved to filter chloramine from water impedes the growth of chloramine filter market. In addition, slowdown of the global economy due to COVID-19, which has impacted almost all industrial sectors, is impeding demand for chloramine filters. Manufacturers of chloramine filter which have presence in regional and global markets are facing the brunt of the pandemic resulting in retarded growth of chloramine filter market.

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